SSG Destinations…Iceland Adventure Video

  1. a strong desire to travel.

This sums up our adventures together.  Two friends who want to travel the world doing what they love.  Brooke and I absolutely love doing SSG Destinations.  It is our time to travel, dream, create and be with like minded photographers.  Our adventures have taken us from the bright lights of New York City all the way to Iceland.  And don’t worry!  Brooke and I have even more incredible adventures mapped out.  I absolutely cannot wait.

In August we travelled to Iceland for our very first (of many!) International destinations.  It was one of the most incredible adventures to date and lets be honest, they have all been epic! We had 13 models, hair and makeup crew, April Massad for videography and 20+ photographer attendees.  Two full days with up to 6 outfits and hair and makeup changes each day!  Huge shoutout to Teddi at Bobbi Pins and Blush because as always hair and makeup was incredible.

Brooke killed it (as always) in the styling department.  Her eye gets me everytime.  How does she keep the looks cohesive 5-6 times a day for 13 different people that is up to 68 outfits a day!  I can’t even think like that and that is why I appreciate her eye and her talent so much.

April was on hand the whole time taking in the sights and creating art through her lens for this video.  I have always admired people who can do video.  It has the ability to transport you to a moment in time.  This is exactly how I felt watching this full length Iceland film she created.

Huge shoutout to WHCC for sponsoring some of the transportation while in Iceland.  They have been supportive of our adventures since our very first one in 2015!

For this trip we rented a 49 passenger bus to keep us all in one location at all times.  The first day we travelled 12+hours on that bus taking in our itinerary.  It was a luxury that only our attendees get showered with!  We ended our trip with a stop at The Blue Lagoon to relax and celebrate our grand adventure.  New friendships were formed and for our alumni on the trip, bonds were strengthened even tighter as we got to know each other more. We had 10 alumni with us on this trip and we can’t even express how much it meant to us to have our friends travel with us all the way to Iceland!

This trip was not only our first international destination, but also the first time introducing couples for engagement and bridal portraits.  Brooke and I wanted to expand this option as many of our own first senior clients are out of college and starting to get married!  And many photographers photograph both seniors and weddings, so Iceland seemed like the perfect destination to introduce this to our lineup.  We also brought along some college age+ models to do some more edgier adult editorial looks.  The flow of this trip was a relaxed pace that had all of these pieces fitting perfectly into our destination adventures!

Are you ready to see Iceland just as how we remember it? Check out April’s video and picture yourself mixed into the fun.  Huge shoutout to April’s You Tube friend Bjorn Kjartans (be sure to subscribe to this channel!) for supplying the drone footage of the Blue Lagoon for this project!

Brooke and I want to make photo tourism with us your action word for 2018! Get ready for some grand adventures ahead.

So are you ready to pack your suitcase and travel with the original Destination Shootout Team?

If you have found yourself on the sidelines drooling over our destination events, now is the time to grab your seat! Our next big adventure will take us out west in August and there are just a couple of seats left.  We will be glamping at Under Canvas Yellowstone!

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