SSG + Brooke Daniels = New York City!


We are taking shootouts and portfolio building to the next level with SSG Destinations.  Our luxury branded destinations will have you packing your bags and heading to some of the most amazing spots imaginable with some of the best photographers in the industry.


Our first destination seemed like the obvious choice.  A city so mesmerizing, fashion forward and electric.  Imagine 12 lucky photographers touring New York City for a day with the fabulous Brooke Daniels and Vickie Black of Senior Style Guide.  Add in 5 teen and senior models (3 girls and 2 boys), a hair and makeup team, wardrobe changes and some of the coolest spots in the city and you have a day of amazing images, learning from both Brooke and Vickie and the experience of a lifetime!


Our destinations are designed to push you out of your mold with your clients.  Destination senior sessions are becoming increasingly popular.  Both Brooke and Vickie have done them, so they can help ease your fears!  And lets be honest, this is going to be an amazing day capturing the city, fashion, the models and more!


In addition to this being a Destination Shoot, it is also an all encompassing workshop, where Brooke will cover posing techniques, styling tips, fashion trends, and how to plan and execute your very own Destination Session.  Vickie will talk about working with teen and senior models and how to incorporate it into your business and what it is like to do a destination session-all occuring as we explore the city together!


The low model to attendee ratio allows you time with the models.  You will be put into teams with a specific task.  Each person will have ample time to get the shots they want during the 8 hours of shooting time.  This is not a crazy free for all where you get whatever shot you can take.  Everyone will get a turn.



June 14th…The ultimate fashion destination NYC (please check website about alternate 15th. shoot in case of inclement weather).

Limited to 12 attendees

Investment $750 (does not include lodging, travel or meals)

We will open up seats on Monday October 20 at 11 am eastern time.  You do not want to miss out on this!  For more information please check out the website (special thanks to the amazing Heather Dunnigan from Denim + Grace magazine for creating our website)!

Brooke Daniels is one of the speakers for The PUSH Conference in 2015 and a well loved contributor at Senior Style Guide!  Brooke Daniels specializes in modern high school seniors where imagination meets fashion.  She is best known for her creative stylized shoots, underwater photography, destination sessions and commercial fashion work.  Throughout the year she offers limited workshops and will be a speaker at The PUSH Conference.  Her work has been featured on several magazine covers, in national publications and was featured in the Washington Post.  Brooke is passionate about giving back and works closely with three non-profit organizations.  She resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and their two young children.


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Vickie is the founder of Senior Style Guide magazine and a teen photographer located in Central Indiana.

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We cannot wait to share New York City with you in June!