SSG Birthday Celebration…Day 4

It’s our birthday month!  Let’s celebrate!

We have had so much fun sharing our second birthday gifts with our readers!  And today is no different!  At Senior Style Guide we are focused on inspiration, education and community.  We strive to do this through our daily blog posts, facebook page, magazine, educational classes and forum.  So it only seems fitting that in the next two days of our giveaway we focus on those important aspects of  Senior Style Guide!

Today we have 3 unbelievable gifts to share with you…our SSG family!  One luck winner will walk away with ALL 3 Gifts!

Our first gift is 2 free touchup services from Rebooku!  We love our friends at Rebooku and I have personally utilized this amazing service on more than one occassion!  You can pick from the Re or Boo menu!

Re – $2.50 Includes ALL of the following (per person): Remove: skin blemishes; facial glare; whitening of teeth and eyes; soften bags under eyes; minor eyeglass glare; stray hairs over face only

Boo – $2.50 Includes ANY ONE of the following (per person): Opening eyes Braces removal Tattoo removal Strap, tan line removal Major eyeglass glare (need supporting image)

Our second gift is the Senior Success Bundle from our friend Michelle Moore!  She has always been great sharing her knowledge with our SSG readers and here she is again helping out!

What is the “Senior Success” workshop all about?

• This is a workshop “bundle” with over 60 minutes of video and 45 pages of written content
• Download materials to your computer to watch, read and learn at your own pace
• Content is yours to keep FOREVER
• This is Michelle’s Breakout with Clickin Moms from January 2012
• 45 minute Q&A video with Michelle

This workshop bundle includes a gorgeous 45 page PDF full of inspiring images and valuable information about shooting on location, a video chat with professional makeup artist Jenny Bowker about the importance of professional makeup application and tips for incorporating it into your business and a video that will walk you through my post-processing from start to finish. You will also receive a recording of my answers to the questions asked during the session. That’s 4 videos and a 45 page PDF!

This workshop is perfect for any level of Senior Portrait Photographer who is looking to break in to the market, or needs some help and tips with makeup, lighting, and post-processing. Can be a good cross-over for other portrait Photographers wanting to incorporate makeup application in to their sessions, wanting tips with lighting, and/or curious about how I achieve my post-processing look and style.

And our third gift today is from SYNC!  They are giving away an unbelievable experience for one lucky member of the SSG family!  You and 3 friends can attend SYNC this year with this fabulous gift (full details of the prize are listed below)!  What a great way to jump start your senior business or expand upon your current one.  We decided we would let our friends at SYNC decide what the requirements would be for today’s winner!  So here they are and be sure to follow the instructions exactly so you can win all of these amazing gifts!

The winner will be announced Saturday on the blog!

Good Luck!