Spring 2018 – Translating Trends on the Runway to Teens & Seniors

Hi there,

I’m Lacey of Lacey M. Carroll Photography, and I’m Senior Style Guides new resident Fashion Blogger! I am super excited to share some fun trends that I am seeing in the fashion world. I am not only a Teen & Senior photographer but I am also a Wardrobe stylist and I am lucky enough to shoot for brands and designers who have their finger on the pulse of fashion. I have attended Fashion Weeks in major cities and  I’m here to help you take your styling to a new level by checking out what is hot on the runway, what designers are making and then applying it to your clientele! So, without further adieu here is what you’ll be seeing more and more of throughout Spring and Summer of 2018.

Let’s Compare Designer to Wearable

Right now yellow is hot… AGAIN! We saw the mustard trend get really hot, now the shades have shifted to sunshine yellows and yellow golds. So let’s Check out this first ‘Designer Vs Wearable’ comparison. This shoot I did with Class of 2020 Sophomore Blair on the right definitely hones in on that vibe. It’s not always about copying exactly, but capturing the essence of looks and making them your own. We paired this look with a bright red lip to show off the brightness of Spring/Summer.

Tans & Khakis are really in. Check out the inspo jacket from Rag & Bone and the pants from Alexander Wang. Paige G. is a sophomore athlete on the Volleyball and Swim team but that doesn’t mean she can’t get girly! Having this amazing cutout blazer in my style closet was the PERFECT look for this fashionista!

Lacey M. Carroll Photography

Fringe is not only super trendy but SO fun to shoot! If you have the chance, GO FOR IT! Shooting with Senior Paige F. we decided on adding a pop of color by using the yellow earrings and the fun drop really put the look together!


So What Is Trending For Spring & Summer 2018?

Right now if you walk into nearly any clothing store like Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and Express you will find Metallics. From gunmetal, to rose gold metallics are IN! You can also find fun metallic accents in shoes, purses and skirts!

Pastels! Mixing soft colors is back! My personal favorite combo I’ve been seeing is yellow with baby blue, and lavender shades are everywhere…

Fall was all about dusty pink and yellow combos, but now we’ve made way for an unexpectedly fresh tan and yellow combo. That skirt from Roksanda is so hip. Also, think of pairing tan or cream wedges with a yellow maxi dress and don’t forget to accessorize!

I love fringe so much I’m mentioning it TWICE! Not only does it look great, it gives your clientele something fun to do during the shoot and they loosen up right away! I love it in all colors!

Spring 2018 runways spoke, and they said ORANGE is the new millennial pink. It’s going to be everywhere this summer so get an early start! If you’re worried about colorcast or neon oranges messing with your edited stick with darker washes and accessorize with orange instead!

I love orange so much (my car is orange) so I was super stoked to see it back in the trending spot! I dove in headfirst on the orange trend and headed off to the Color Factory Museum last month to shoot class of 2018 Senior Victoria at this installation by artist Three Knees!

Lacey M. Carroll Photography

I hope these looks inspire you and I cannot wait to see some looks inspired by these trends in the next issue of Senior Style Guide!


Lacey M. Carroll