Specializing in Seniors ~ Change Things Up and Try Something New!

Every once in awhile I LOVE to change things up. I try to do something NEW, something DIFFERENT, something I have not yet done with my seniors.

One year, I decided to try sports composites and I LOVED it.  I had a blast learning something new and I’ll admit, my credibility with the guys, especially athletes, really soared! It was a new dimension of senior portraits that I could provide that not many other photographers in my area were doing. The guys and ladies LOVED it. It was super fun for me as well and it kept me fresh.





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I love challenging myself to do NEW things like this, especially as I see hundreds of images of high school seniors while scrolling through my facebook page.  I try to think for a moment, what DON’T I see much of? What could I do that I haven’t tried before?

So recently, I tried doing a “window light session.” I have to admit, I LOVED it…
I have a studio with very large bay windows, and I wanted to try to do a senior session that was much more intimate and personal with my senior.  I wanted lots of natural window light to hopefully capture a more casual, relaxed and easy-going part of  their personality.  I enjoyed the results tremendously:


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2F2A5913 copy2F2A5911 copyAs you specialize in Senior Portraits, I’d like to challenge you to
TRY SOMETHING you have not yet tried.

It is fun and creative. It keeps you fresh and innovative and it is something new in an industry that thrives on change and freshness. So go ahead and change things up a bit and have some FUN! You just might LOVE the results or open up a new type of photography to your seniors!
Happy Shooting!

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