Specializing in Seniors ~ Building Name Recognition

In Arizona, my “busy season” is now!  April is the month where I pretty much work around the clock!

I’ve been shooting for the past 10 days straight… and editing in between.  It’s insane, it’s crazy and I’m tired.  But as crazy as it is, I love it!

I remember that 5 years ago I had one goal for my senior business.  I just wanted to generate some “name recognition” at my son’s high school.  And today, well, I have enough business to sustain me and  I am so deeply grateful.

So today, I’d like to talk about name recognition, and how important it is for those of you wanting to specialize in Senior Portraits.

I can honestly say that I believe the growth of my business can be attributed to one main reason… my spokesmodel program.  Yes…they DO work.  And I’m not here to go into great detail about mine today.  The main thing I want to emphasize is that it is really important WHO you pick to be your spokemodel.

You can post your images on twitter, facebook, instagram, you name it… but the truth is, you need what I would call a “high profile senior” to post your images.

Every high school in America has them… the student that everyone knows and watches.  They have hundreds, if not thousands of followers on twitter.  They get hundreds of LIKES on instagram every time they post an image.  They have a very high profile on social media and pretty much every kid in their high school knows who they are.

You take some images of them for free- have them post them to their social media outlets, and all of a sudden you have LOTS OF STUDENTS seeing your name.

Get a few of those students, and trust me… your business will grow.   In fact, I think it’s key.  This is what  grew mine.

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So how do you find them?  Well, I got lucky.  My dear friend Charlotte took an interest in my business and knew those types of students.  She was connected.  She recruited them, and my business has never been the same.  Charlotte has since become a very vital part of my business.  She is now my studio/sales manager and oversees my entire spokesmodel program.

So there are parents out there that know those kids.  They are presidents of the Football Booster Clubs, or of the Cheer Booster Clubs or dance committees.  They are active members of clubs such as the National Charity League.  They are teachers and coaches and they KNOW those high profile students.

Invite them to coffee.  Tell them you would like to grow your senior business.  Do a fund raiser for one of their clubs, or donate to a silent auction.  Then get connected to one or two of those students and take some images.  You can try to connect with students directly too, but I think it’s wise to have an adult as a go between, someone that the student has a relationship with.  Someone they trust.  Stay away from the potential of being the creepy photographer.  You know what I mean?

That is how my business grew, by working with one key student, then another.  Everyone starting seeing MY work, MY business name and MY logo on the images they were uploading over and over again.  Students took notice.  It can be very powerful for your business. It certainly was for mine.

Anyway, I do have to get back to editing… lots and lots of editing, but I do hope this has been helpful!


Join me again in two weeks for more on Specializing in Seniors!

Until then,  Happy Shooting!

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