By now, you’re likely using Snapchat for your senior sessions. It’s been a growing marketing tool in our industry and it’s the single #1 growing platform, relatively speaking, today. In fact, it’s so successful that Mark Zuckerberg is looking to integrate “snapchat-style features” into Facebook Live (think, doodling on the screen)…but that’s another story for another day.

Not only have we pulled Snapchat into every single senior session, but we are also integrating the video-portion of our stories into our sales presentations, and it’s huge. HUGE. As in, over-the top “I gotta have that video” pull-out-my-credit-card huge.

Integrating video from anywhere into an Animoto (or any other tool, like ProShow Gold, etc) presentation has been available for a long time. We’ve been pulling it in for awhile now. But there’s something unique about pulling in slices of the Snapchat story that pulls at the emotional-strings. Mom and senior “remember that moment” and love seeing the video all over again, integrated into the “results” of beautiful portraits.

By the way, if you are doing professional videos as well, you can integrate pieces of the Snapchat story (doodles and all) into your film as well at the presentation. OR…simply include it in your “Digital Collection” along with the beautiful professional Senior Film and digitals.

Here is the step-by-step as to how I do this (I use Animoto—you can do this with others as well):

  1. Save your Snapchat story to your phone immediately after the session before it drops off (I save to a specific Dropbox folder)
  2. In Animoto, simply click the “pics or vids” button and upload your Snapchat story (don’t worry—you can slice and dice in Animoto)
  3. Animoto allows you to upload the entire snapchat story ONE time…then you can duplicate it to use various pieces
  4. Open the story, select the “piece” of video you want integrated into the “perfect” part of your Animoto video
  5. Turn off sound if you want the music to play over the video, leave on if you want voice to trump music

It’s that easy.

FYI: Seniors can “screen catpure” still photos from their Snapchat story, but at this time, they can’t download the video. They OFTEN ask me to “send them the entire Snapchat story”…to which I reply, “we have a surprise for you…just wait!”


We include this Animoto Video + Snapchat Story in our top collections as a pull through. When doing our professional senior films, we will continue to offer the full Snapchat story in the digital collection as well…because seniors LOVE being featured as our story of the day!

NOTE: When we ask our Seniors “how did you find us?” we are no longer hearing “from Instagram”…we are now hearing “I saw Tiffany’s Snapchat story!”. Bam. That’s because we ask every senior to have their friends follow us the day of their session. All of our seniors want to be “that girl”!

Have fun snapping!

SAMPLE OF AN ANIMOTO WITH INTEGRATED SNAPCHAT STORY PIECES (watch till then end when he jumps in the pool):