ShutterChic: Do The Stretchypants Dance!

Cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, hashbrown casserole, corn casserole, all the casseroles, turkey, pumpkin pie, banana pudding, iced tea, cranberry sauce, nasty jello salad with carrots and junk all up in it.  All the Thanksgiving food is happening THIS WEEK!!  Are you ready?  Have you carefully selected your pants?  Your waistband simply must be prepared for the indulgence that’s about to go down after the parade is over.

I am so thrilled to have been asked to host a special monthly column on the Senior Style Guide blog called ShutterChic!  I’m Devon Jones, and I will be talking, fashion, accessories, decor, and all things style for my fellow senior photographers.  If you see a gold heart on any item that I post, that means I actually own and stand by the product!  I thought it was only (snugly) fitting that I started out this section by prepping you properly for the Holidays, namely the ones where we eat ourselves into oblivion, thenceforth kicking in the tryptophan coma, where we pass out on the couch for an hour or two.

There are two kinds of people in this world: the kind who wear jeans (GASP!) to Thanksgiving in an effort to minimize the misery post-meal, and those of us who wear the stretchiest of stretchypants we can find so that we can have one plate for real food and one plate for the dessert sampler platter.  Since I’m an expert in the latter, I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can do gluttony in a stylish manner!

Go ahead.  Put on some mascara. Do your hair.  Put on some leggings and a tunic, a cute necklace and some booties.  People are less judgy about how much you’re eating at Thanksgiving if you look cute while you do it.  I don’t know how your Thanksgiving looks, but mine looks something like this: cook our share in the morning, drive to Thanksgiving meal, take a tiny nap, snap some family pictures of your second cousin’s family at 3:30pm,  and reload on turkey before it has a chance to get really cold in the fridge.  In an ideal world, I could do all that in some sweatpants and Uggs and a New Kids On The Block tshirt; but this is real life, and I need to look semi-human when I’m around the relatives that I only see once or twice a year!  How do we do that when we still need to be comfortable AND cute, all while rocking an elastic waistband?  This.  This is how you do it!






Stretchypants are about the only kind of pants I am interested in wearing during the holidays, or if I’m being real honest, every day!  I’m not a tiny little thing, and they’re super cute and comfy no matter your body type.     Anybody can wear them!  The key to rocking the stretchy pant is to get the correct size and choose a proper top with the style of pant you’re wearing.  Unless you’re wearing a harem pant or a jogger, your shirt needs to cover your butt and your biznass in the front.  With leggings, it’s really important to get a pair that is thick enough that when you squat down to get that perfect shot of your relatives (or to pick up that turkey leg before the 5 second rule hits), you don’t get an all-access view to your backside.  When you’re shopping, take a friend and test it out!  Another note on leggings is that they aren’t just black anymore!!  They come in prints and styles of all kinds, so you can really take up your style with the right pair.  They’re perfect with tunics and booties, and when you throw on a blanket scarf or a cardigan, you’ve elevated your look even further, all the while leaving room for the coconut cream pie your grandma made!

composite 2

The moral of the story is that comfortable can be oh-so-stylish, too!  I hope you find the perfect stretchypants to get you through until the new year, when you promise to go to the gym, yada yada.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and if you did, check back next month when I serve up a Christmas edition of ShutterChic on SSG!!