ShutterChic: Wearable Festival Style

I don’t know about you, but my social media is FLOODED with fashion and celebs from Coachella, the desert music festival that everyone wants to go to!  I’m obsessed with all the looks, even the ones I know I could never pull off.  When I shop, I see nods to festival style everywhere, but the key to nailing it is to not overthink it.  Festival style can work for everyone…all ages, sizes, and shapes!  Mix it up, try an element or two, and have some fun with it.  You just need a few staples to get you in gear, even if you’re only watching Coachella from your Instagram and Snapchat accounts.  These are some of my favorites!


Okay, girls.  Chokers are a thing again, and I LOVE IT.  The thing I’m loving about festival style this year vs. last year when it became huge, is that there are major nods to the 90’s!!  Those are my high school days, so it’s awesome!  These are giving me major Drew Barrymore vibes, and my heart is exploding!!!!!  I especially love the lariat type where you can tie it around however you want.choke up

Another staple for getting festival style right are fringe, tassels, and anything else that moves when you do.  It’s across the board with this one…clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories…anywhere you can add something that adds movement, throw it on!  I love anything fringed or tasseled, and I’m especially loving the bold colors.  Fringe isn’t just black and brown anymore, though those are lovely too.  I’m DEAD over the beaded earrings, the multicolored tassel bag, and the kimonos!  A kimono is an easy way to add a little boho flair to any outfit.  They look great with maxi dresses, distressed denim, and rompers.fringe benefits

Am I the only one that used to obsess over the graphic tees at Urban Outfitters back in the day??  I never grew out of it.  These Wildfox and Chaser brand tees give me liiiiife!  They’re super fun and an easy way to add some personality to your outfit.graphic memory

Lace up everything, yall.  This is probably my favorite trend of the moment!!  Apparently I loved those little boho sandals with the tassels so much I put them on there twice, LOL!!!  Can I get those in my closet, stat?lace it up

Everywhere you look, you see big, amazing, fun shaped sunglasses on EVERYONE, and they’re a must for festival style in the summer!  No shape is off limits, but be sure to find a size that fits your face properly.  Also, if you have a little OCD streak like me, make sure that your eyelashes don’t touch the lenses so that you don’t lose your mind.  statement sunnies

This is a FUN new trend that I am really wanting to try!  The bandana scarf.  So versatile, so cute, and it adds a little pop of interest to an otherwise boring outfit.  So cool!tie one on

You don’t have to wear these all at once, but this week I want you to go out on a limb and try to infuse some festival fun into your wardrobe!  Post some pics and hashtag #shutterchic so we can see how cute you look!  <3 – Devon J.