Senior Style Guide Portfolio Build…At The Falls

Portfolio Build…


Are you working on building your senior portfolio?  Do you want to connect with other photographers?  How about have a great evening meeting new friends, getting light posing assistance, and have the ability to play around with some OCF and have some amazing images for your senior portfolio?  If you even began to nod your head reading this, then this portfolio build is for you!

The setting… The Falls located about 20 minutes south of Greencastle, IN.  We will provide teen models for you to practice your technique and posing with and to capture some great images for your portfolio.  It will be at a relaxed pace with small groups with each model and the ability to photograph them together as well.  Our goal is for each person to feel confident by the end of the 4 hours photographing the models.  This will not be  a fight for the photo type of portfolio build!  It will be a very relaxed and friendly pace.

The date…Sunday, June 23

The time…5-9 pm

Cost and other information…The cost is $250 per person.  There is a 45 mile protected radius from our studio in Greencastle, IN.  So if you think you might be within this radius, please contact me and we will check the address.  Jim Meyer from Meyer Studios will be present to talk about beginning OCF.  Each photographer will need to provide the models they photograph with 3 images per model from the session.  This is a must so please be aware of this before signing up!

And as a bonus!  The first 10 people to register for this event will get $50 back after the build when they submit their images for the models!

This is going to be a great time and we look forward to meeting all of you!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: