Senior Stunner Winner Week 3…July 15th.

Wow!  That is all I can say.  The red, white and blue theme for July is rocking with some amazing images.  This week’s judge was Trina of VioletRay Photography and she had a lot of gorgeous images to choose from!

Here were her thoughts about this week’s Senior Stunner…”I chose Keri’s image because my eyes did not want to leave it. It was captivating, and in a very “North and South”-esque way, magical. The motion of the flags, the interaction between the girls each with their own look of freedom, and the beautiful golden sunflare coming from behind to
light them gives you a sense of gentle power.

A truly amazing shot, combining technical skill with imagination, to create an amazing Senior Stunner. Beautiful work Keri!”

And the winner is Keri Hamilton Photography!  Congrats Keri, this is a stunning image!  Thank you Trina for being the fabulous person you are and helping out SSG this week!