Senior Stunner…Week of April 14

Each week here at SSG, we host a guest judge to choose a “Senior Stunner” from the photos posted to our Facebook wall. Congrats to this week’s winner, Mary Moua Photography!

This week’s guest judge was Erin of Erin Rachel Photography. Her choice was definitely a tough one, but here is what she said:

“There are so many amazing images to choose from which makes my heart happy knowing there are so many photographers who truly care about their art and clients!  As I reviewed the images m.a.n.y. times each time my eyes went back to this image.  This image tells a story and I love how Mary captured this story and brought out her personality all in a natural, fun and relaxed way.  The exposure and lighting are beautiful, as well as, a job well done on the exposure with a white dress and white textured wall!  Thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to judge this week, you all made it hard but all in a great way!”

Senior Stunner April 14

Congrats again, Mary Moua Photography! And thanks Erin for guest-judging!