Senior Stunner Week 3!

Wow keep those fabulous Summer Fun Theme’s coming in!  We are loving them.  This week’s judge was Jessica VanderMark and the image she chose was amazing!
Here is what she had to say about this weeks Senior Stunner…”I was sooooo excited to be asked to guest judge this week’s Senior Style Guide Senior stunner!!! I just love Vickie and SSG! I knew when I said yes that it was going to be so incredibly hard to choose just one image. Each week I see so many amazing images being posted and I wasn’t wrong. So many great entries this week!! For this week, I chose an image from True Moua Photography. I don’t know if wind was on their side or they created some on their own, but either way it is stunning! The hand placement, direction that the subject is facing, facial expression and of course, the wind/movement of her hair…. It is an image where all of the elements work together to create something beautiful. LOVE IT! Thanks so much SSG for having me!! Hope to do it again!”

And whose fabulous image is Jessica talking about?  It is True Moa Photography’s!  What a awesome image!