Senior Stunner and Honorable Mention Winners … Please Read

Wow you guys had some images that just flat out rocked!  We have them featured on the blog and would also love to feature them in the next issue of Senior Style Guide’s magazine.  However, that is only possible if you send us the image in a timely manner.

Here are the steps to insuring your image makes it into the next issue of Senior Style Guide’s magazine:

  1. When your name is announced as a senior stunner or honorable mention you will need to email Stacy the high-res file with no watermark as soon as possible to:
  1. You will need to include in the subject line the date of the mention, for example, January 27 Senior Stunner or January 24 Honorable Mention
  1. In the body of the email you will need to include your name and your website url.
  1. You will need to name your image the following way:  For honorable mention:  HM-YourBusinessName.jpeg and for senior stunner: SS-YourBusinessName.jpeg

Unfortunately due to the increased volume with the magazine we will not be tracking you down like in the past.  If you want your image to be in the magazine, you will need to follow these simple steps!

Good luck and keep submitting those awesome images to our Senior Style Guide Facebook Page!