Congratulations to Susie Moore Photography! Her image was chosen as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK!

And a huge thanks to Bekah Imagery, who was previously featured as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK, for being our Guest Judge this week!

Here’s what Bekah Photography had to say about the image she chose to feature:


“I love this image for so many reasons, it first stood out to me for it’s originality but then drew me in to appreciate the lighting and perfectly thought out composition. I love how the use of his violin to frame his face draws the viewer directly to his eyes. Well done Susie Moore Photography, stunning as always!”

Thank You Susie Moore for sharing your wonderful image with us!  I think I’ll be recruiting for a violin player to model for me now just so I can try out a shot like this 🙂

~ christy ~