Congratulations to Nicki Hufford Photography for her image being chosen as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK!

And a big thanks to Leslie of Leslie Savage Photography for being our Guest Judge of the week. Here’s what Leslie had to say about the submissions this week:

“Well it was a tough decision but I just had to go with Nicki Hufford Photography!  When I came upon the two images I immediately loved the colors in the image! It was edited simply and clean and really utilized the colors in his surroundings perfectly.  

I also love that it was posed but done so casually, which is very important for photographing senior guys.  It totally appears that he’s relaxed and just captures who he is.  I also love the magazine quality to these.  Well done!!”


Thanks so much Nicki for sharing your fabulous guy image with us, and to Leslie for making the hard choice this week!

Be sure to post your favorite Senior Guy submission on our Facebook wall for a chance to be featured for next week’s SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK 🙂

~ christy ~