Congratulations to Katie Hughes Photography for her image being chosen as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK!

And a huge thanks to Bryon Black of Bryon Black Photo/Video for being our Guest Judge this week.  I thought it may be nice to actually get a guy to weigh in on all the fantastic submissions this week!

Here’s what Bryon had to say about the image that he chose to feature as our Senior Guy Of The Week:

“OK guys just hear me out on this one. I realize a silhouette is an odd choice for a senior portrait, but that’s exactly what draws me to it. I always try to do things that are atypical whenever possible. No, you can’t see his face, but you learn something about him, and to me, that’s what senior portraits are all about:  capturing WHO they are, not just WHAT they look like. He’s standing confidently, alert, admiring the sunset.

One could even draw a parallel between the sunset and the brilliant end of his high school years. But this young man isn’t yearning for childish yesteryear – no, he’s remembering what he’s learned, and stands prepared to face whatever is next in life, certain he has what it takes to succeed…

…Or maybe he just likes pretty colors in the sky. Either way, I like this image a lot!”


Thanks again to Bryon Black Photo/Video.  And to Katie Hughes Photography for sharing her great image with us!

If you’ve got a fantastic Senior Guy image, be sure to share it on our wall and you may be next week’s feature image.  Enjoy!

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