Congratulations to Memories 4 U by Lisa Photography! Her image was chosen as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK!

And a big thanks to Beck Impressions Photography for being our Guest Judge this week.  It’s always such a hard choice!

Here’s what Beck Impressions had to say about this week’s image:


“As I was pondering the entries for Senior Guy of the Week, I kept coming back to this shot. It’s just a really cool sports shot, and I haven’t seen it done this way before. I’ve seen a couple through the hoop shots, but the composition on this one is original and creative the way the net frames the senior. I find myself wondering how the photographer was able to get this shot because it had to have taken some effort! I also love how, although there is a lot going on with the hoop and the basketball, I am still very drawn to the senior’s eyes. He doesn’t get lost in the image at all. It’s sharp, it’s clean….well done, Memories 4 U by Lisa Photography! And for the fun of it, I asked my husband for his guy perspective vote on this week’s entries, and this is the one he chose, too. I’m going to pin this to my Senior Guy inspiration board on Pinterest! Thanks, Lisa!”

I think a lot of us are going to be saving this one in our Pinterest boards!

~ christy ~