Congratulations to Lori Michelle Photography, her image has been chosen as our SENIOR GUY OF THE WEEK!

And big thanks to Twelve Republic Photography for being our Guest Judge this week! Here’s what Twelve Republic had to say about our featured image:

“This week was a super hard decision! All the entries were phenomenal.

I chose the image below for a few reasons. First, I’m from Boston and love the city – it reminded me of Beacon Hill which is in the heart of the city. Second, I loved the focus of the brick wall and the contrast in color to the green but blurred trees in the background. The young man’s outfit was perfect for the location given the burgundy color of the shirt and the city style of the tie. Last, but not least, the relaxed pose and smirk on his face – I felt like the photographer succeeded in getting his personality to shine through – not an easy task with the guys!!!

Outstanding job done by Lori Michelle Photography!”

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 12.15.17 PM

Thank You Lori Michelle Photography for sharing this great guy with SENIOR GUY STYLE!

~ christy ~