rockin’ and rollin’

Today we get to enjoy the eye candy that is from Emily of Emy Lyn Photography!  Her rockin’ submission is all the way from Albany, OR!  I love how she incorporated so many different elements into Rebecca’s session.  The roller skates get major style points because you do not see that everyday!

Meet Rebecca…a spunky senior with grace, confidence and style.  And let’s not forget she is a super talented drummer as well!  Emily said she is looking to pursue her passion of music as far as the road will take her.  She is also super tough from “full of scabs from falling off of skateboards.”  Emily made it her mission to capture all the different sides of Rebecca for this session.  This is what it is all about.  Showcasing your client in the moment!

Here is how the session unfolded from Emily’s perspective….”All of our locations were in Albany, Oregon, which some might say is a small and not very attractive town, but after seeing these pictures you might beg to differ.  Rebecca is a spunky senior with confidence and a style all her own.”  As we mentioned there are many sides to Rebecca and Emily was determined “to capture all these sides.  So we took our time and shot in a number of different locations.  Starting at Bryant Park, then moving to the downtown Albany area and finally landing in a large open field on the North side.”

Emily also had an amazing assistant in Rebecca’s mom, Robin.  She “was on hand to help with lighting, to touch up makeup and and to advise on styling.  And let me tell you… she was AMAZING!!  I should hire that girl!  Rebecca loaded down their vehicle with soooo many outfit options I felt like I was in a stylists closet!  She also took the time to collect trinkets from her room at home to add touches of herself in the background of the pics.”

These elements combined created the look we are featuring today.  Way to go Emily!  The perfect example of what to do…instead of just hoping your client will get it you actually educated them on how to make their session uber successful!



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