Real Talk Episode 01: Latasha Haynes

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REAL TALK Episode 01: Latasha Haynes

When I came to Vickie with the idea of doing a video series with some of your favorite photographers late last year, she was all over it! And now, kicking off 2018, Real Talk is here!

The idea behind Real Talk was to hear from your photography inspirations about how they got to where they are today. Real Talk is all about their journeys, moments in their business or artistic endeavors that changed how they approach life today, and candid conversation that was just like you were sitting down to coffee with them yourself. It isn’t about the technical stuff… It’s about learning from their bigger picture advice that you can apply to your own business and life in so many unique ways!

I am beyond excited to kick off Real Talk with none other than Latasha Haynes with Ike & Tash! She has been a source of inspiration for not just photographers, but also young women through the INT Street Team, And Her and various other community involvements that she has in her area. I felt this was the perfect way to kick off Real Talk and the perfect tone for this series.

Take a minute to sit back, grab a cup of coffee/tea and watch or listen to our Real Talk with Tash!

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Also, love what Tash has to say? There are still a couple seats left to the PUSH Conference where Tash will be speaking this upcoming summer. Don’t miss out on getting to be part of the senior photography event of the year!

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– Sean


Sean Brown is a photographer based out of Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon specializing in high school senior portraits. His goal is to bring out every senior’s personality in their images and is dedicated to making sure that every senior session is different so that no two seniors’ images are alike.