Prom…Some fun ideas for your clients

Today’s submission is from Vendla of Vendla Stockdale Photography located in Hotchkiss, Colorado

I like Venla’s take on prom.  We do prom very fashion oriented.  I believe it is the new standard.  Vendla is onto something in her area as she too understands it is a production, not one to be captured in front of a fake staircase or a stars and moon backdrop!  Here are her thoughts regarding prom and dresses: “Prom season is almost upon us, and girls will be out there spending money on dresses, make up and hair. And then of course we have those backyard pictures, no offense parents, but they are totally uninspiring. Unlike when I grew up, prom dresses now a days are dramatic works of art, The colors are amazing, the styles, well there are so many to choose from. So I jut don’t understand, after spending all the money they do on prom, why not spend a little extra cash and get fabulous pictures that will last a lifetime. All it takes is getting ready a little earlier, with an hour to spare to get fabulous pictures and to rock that dress.”

Let’s meet each of the girls featured today…

Pretty in Pink…Kimberly is this year’s homecoming queen. We did a photo shoot of her around town as she modeled last year’s prom dress. The soft colors really suited her. Her friend did her hair and makeup for her. When living rural, you learn to do those things on your own. In fact I had three girls on this shoot, all friends, so I think it helped everyone relax and get some great pictures of last year’s prom dresses. Kimberly will also be using some of these for her senior pictures.

Bryanna…The dress the mask.  “I took Bryanna’s pictures in various locations around our town in Hotchkiss, Colorado, her cousin did her hair and makeup and did a sterling job and she modeled last years dress for me, I added the mask for a bit of fun. She has not yet bought her dress for Senior Prom, but no doubt we will get some fabulous pictures of her in that later this year. Come on girls, rock that dress.”

Lady in red…Jordan.  Here is what Vendla had to say…”Jordan is an amazing young lady, who spent much of her senior year raising funds for an organization in our valley who help people and families who are victims of domestic Violence. Coming from a family who had suffered from domestic violence for many years, they finally found a way out and Jordan wanted to bring it out into the open. That domestic violence is real and that there are many who are victims of it. Much of her senior year was spent doing interviews for local television stations and newspapers and she organized a walk to “shine the light” on the issue. Jordan I am sure will go on to do and accomplish some amazing things in her lifetime. This is Jordan rocking her red prom dress from last year.”

And lets not forget to include the best friend or group rocking the dress!  Vendla has that covered as well.  “High School goes by so fast, and life moves on and sometimes we hold onto our friends from high school, and at times we find different paths. However, I think that in time we all make our connections again as we get older, so I have found. So this shoot was to capture three BFF’s in their prom dresses, just enjoying a shoot and being together as friends. I hope that one day they will look back on it and have a good giggle over silly times. ”

Way to offer fun, fresh services to your senior clients Vendla!



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