Order The First Printed Issue Of Senior Style Guide Today!

Today is official launch day at Senior Style Guide and we could not be anymore thrilled.  Pre orders were fabulous…OMG thank you.  We are so overwhelmed by the support.

This is the first print magazine dedicated completely to senior photographers.  We hope this will become an industry standard for all of you.  Each issue will be jam packed with informative articles from some of the best and up and coming senior photographers across the nation.  And of course we hope to feature you!  Currently we are scheduled for 4 issues a year but as demand increases we will move to every other month and then monthly!

Here are the details:

Print Magazine

94 pages

Cover Image…Spanki Mills


Spanki Mills

Stacy Green

Stephanie Newbold

Jessica VanDerMark

Brooke Daniels

Toni Lynn

Bonnie Burman

Brandy Dawson

Vickie Black

Amanda Kraft

Justina Bilodeau

Lori Bailey

Holli True

We hope you all enjoy the first issue and thank you to everyone who made this possible, saw the need for this and helped make this a reality.





Senior Style Guide Fall 2012

Senior Style Guide Fall 2012

A senior magazine dedicated to inspiring and educating senior photographers at all levels. Each issue contains informative and cutting edge articles from some of the best senior photographers across the country.

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