Modern Teen Summit 2017 Details and Lineup!



Have you decided to make 2017 the year you propel your business forward?  Are you considering adding a teen program?  The industry is buzzing over the possibilities teens and tweens bring to our existing senior businesses.  Imagine if you could figure out a way to directly feed your senior business while sustaining a residual income from teens?

That is the motivation behind Modern Teen Summit.  I started my teen line 5 years ago and have watched it grow.  Initially I was unsure as to the how or the why but I quickly figured it out!  Teens and tweens are the next evolution to your senior business!

The industry…

I have been watching the teen market for some time now.  And one of my goals has been to put together a full on intensive educational event to better educate those who are wanting to incorporate teens and tweens into their business.  There I said it.  A perfectly bundled intensive to get you started on the right track.  I went back and forth last year before launching our first Teen Summit.  I had doubt.  Should I wait until 2017?  Should I give the industry more time?  Is this the right time?  These are all the thoughts that many in the industry have tirelessly listened to me question over the last few years.  Is this the right time????  It finally took someone saying “what are you waiting for?” to get me to publicly put it out there.  Those words hit home…what was I waiting for?

I had no more excuses and I pulled the trigger on the first event.  It was everything I hoped for.  Intimate. Jam packed with education. Motivational. A call to action.  Those first attendees went home armed with the tools to start their own teen lines.  My speaking team blew them away.


The time is now…

It was a little over 5 years ago when I first started my teen line.  In my area it was unheard of.  But there was a need.  A void to be filled.  This is something I have heard from other photographers who have been running successful teen and tween programs for 10+ years.  It is a recurring theme in this industry.  Fast forward to today.  More and more photographers are discussing incorporating teens and tweens into their existing business.  They are casting them into their model crews.  This untapped market is exploding.  The only question is will you be ahead of the curve or playing catch up?

I am sure the big question now remains how to utilize it?  Where do I even begin?  I truly believe we need to build this framework with the right foundation. And that is how Modern Teen Summit was born.  I selected 6 speakers who are industry leaders with experience in the teen market.  These 6 individuals are thinking outside the box.  They are proving there is more than one way to run their businesses successfully.  They will be teaching on how to market to teens, how to incorporate teens into a model crew, how to pose and make money in the teen market and how to do styled concepts and build your teen line. The combined experience alone of these speakers in the teen market is incredible.  This is my dream team for Modern Teen Summit 2017.  I also knew I wanted this to be a mini version of PUSH which is why it will take place immediately after PUSH ends.  Two jam packed days, a very intimate setting with a small attendee to speaker ratio.  With that said, we will be opening up these exclusive seats on Wednesday November 23rd. for this event.  I want this to be the event that prepares you to expand or incorporate teens and tweens into your business.  I want you to be able to have the knowledge and the tools to feed this back to your existing senior business!  I need you to think outside the nice box we have all built.  I want you to be challenged.  I believe Modern Teen Summit will be that event that makes you revisit your business and client offerings.


What to expect…

-2 full days of intensive education

-6 speakers

-Classroom instruction from the best in the teen and tween market

-Educational courses you can apply to your existing business whether or not you photograph teens yet!

-Evening portfolio shoots (*weather permitting)

-teen models

-and so much more!

The Courses…

Each of our speakers is invested in helping you succeed.  They have carefully planned courses that will help you build a solid foundation for your teen business.

Teri Fode

How To Grow Your Business With The Teen Market

Today’s teen is tomorrow’s senior, so this group is the perfect genre to pull into your photography business! But do you know how to attract the new Gen-Z demographic?  Knowing where these teens are online and understanding what captures their attention as a consumer is one of the key pieces to effectively reaching them with your brand message. Todays teen has more influence on purchasing decisions in the household than any teen before them. Teri will be teaching the specific marketing tips for reaching both moms and teens including a blueprint that will create excitement for your brand as your grow this part of your business!

Sarah Lane

Empowering Teens

Sarah Lane will be teaching you how to empower your teen audience to do something greater than themselves.  By focusing on giving back you create a stronger bond with your target market and give them a purpose beyond their social boundaries

Stephanie Newbold

Bridging the gap:  How adding tweens and teens to your model program can help build your senior business

Getting an edge in your senior portrait market can be hard, and for many of us, our senior season is only a couple of months long. So how do you fill your calendar during your slow time, when you really dont want to shoot weddings or newborns? Tapping into the tween and younger teen market can be one of the best ways to grow your senior business! The success of my senior model program has made me the senior photographer to go to in my market and I frequently receive messages from middle schoolers, freshman and sophomores saying how they cant wait to be able to be a part of my senior spokesmodel team. This is when I realized that our marketing to seniors begins long before their senior year, whether its intentional or not, and that there is a whole segment of the market longing for this same experience. I am excited to teach you how to bridge the gap between this younger demographic and the senior market by adding tweens and teens to your model program. Youll learn how to maximize the value of the missing portrait, the importance of offering more than just photographs, how to engage your tweens and teens with your existing senior model program, and how to utilize them to build your senior business while keeping your calendar full during your slow time.

Thomas Nguyen

Teen posing to perfect – The art of directing

As photographers, one of the hardest areas of our job is posing our teens. We will be kicking the conventional posing habit to the curb temporarily and discuss instead the art of directing, allowing your teens to freely explore her or his options and thus creating a series of images full of creativity, imagination and pure awesomeness! We will be covering how to better gain your teens (and moms) trust to invest in your vision, energizing your teens throughout the session, directing tips for capturing flattering angles and all of my posing tricks (yes, EVERY single one of them!). Finally, we will talk about how to create a more natural posing flow, allowing you to capture many different variations, integrating action movements and elicit genuine emotions from your teens. Get ready to take your teen photography to whole new level!

Sean Brown

Creating a brand that will take over social media

The first thing that teens do when they wake up is check social media. Its absolutely essential to establish a brand for your business on social media that makes teens crave being in front of your lens! This course is all about refining your brand on social media to help turn those followers into your future clients! We will be covering what steps you can take to establish yourself as a luxury brand, how to use each platform differently to tell your complete brand story, and the steps to put the ultimate brand strategy in place. I will show you the must-dos of social media branding starting with perfecting your brand typography, using design elements that are clean and elegant, and how to achieve a consistent look that becomes known as YOUR brand. We’ll also cover how to communicate on each social media platform because while they all seem similar, they are all different in terms of how you communicate your brand message. You’ll come away knowing the right approaches to take on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course Snapchat to create branded content that is different from one another and how it can develop a cohesive brand story by utilizing them all to their fullest potential. We’ll also talk about how to get your clients to tell the story of your brand, which is even more effective than you trying to tell your brand story yourself. Taking these steps will help you approach your brand with renewed strategies that will turn heads and have your social media followers needing to have you as their photographer!

Jen Kanaba

How to grow your bottom line through sports

Do you have slow months in your teen business? ~ Months when your phone is so quiet, you are literally praying that it will ring? I will teach you how to run a very profitable sports program from start to finish that will feed your business I will give you detailed How To’s for the following: How to get your foot in the door at schools, into Booster Programs & Youth Sports Leagues How to set up and offer Fundraising Programs for your sports teams and schools looking to raise money. How to secure Sport Picture Day Contracts at your local schools and youth programs. How to write a Sports Contract and what it should say How to set up an actual picture day including staffing, equipment, supplies, and space for both HS and Sports Leagues (which are slightly different). You will learn a one-light indoor set-up. And so much more. I will share with you everything that I have learned from the 7 years that I have been running a very successful sports business. During the month of August, Gengraphics generated over $25,000 in revenue from its Sports Business alone. The best part about sports is that if you provide great customer service, it is the niche that will keep giving to you month after month. The Gengraphics sports business has grown from one sports league to seven high schools, two colleges, and numerous sports organizations. I want to help you do this today!

Additional info for Modern Teen Summit…

When:  July 13 and 14th, 2017

Where:  Greencastle, IN

Who:  Our exclusive attendees

Registration:  Wednesday November 23rd. at 11 am eastern time.  Registration link will be posted at 10:55 am eastern on November 23rd on the Senior Style Guide Facebook page and in the Senior Style Guide private Facebook group.

Price:  $1100 (registration only…meals, transportation and hotel are not included) But wait for it…There is a Black Friday Sale!  Take $100 off if you register between  Wednesday November 23 through Cyber Monday November 28th!
Want more details?  Visit the website by clicking HERE

Restrictions:  There are no refunds for this conference. All shoots will be weather permitting. There will be a 40 mile protective radius from zip code 46135-you cannot live, shoot or market to clients within or have a business within this radius.*If you own or work for another senior blog, senior/teen focused social media site or magazine, you will not be able to attend.*Not responsible for weather, acts of God, flight delays, etc. please note that things are subject to change.

I cannot wait to see who will be incorporating teens into their business in 2017!  Who will be joining us in July?