Minnesota City Session

Today’s session is from Jamie Smith Photo!

Here is what Jamie had to say about this session:  “Alex is from the small town of Jordan, MN where we are blessed to have old buildings, alleyways, and lots of natural spots around the area.  We utilized a beautifully lit brick ally, an old rusty tin wall, the VERY low Minnesota River (which looks more like a white-sand beach) and a sun-lit field of natural vegetation.
A good friend of mine Laura Hyder does my senior’s hair and make-up and really did an amazing job of brining out Alex’s huge eyes, while keeping her look young and natural as per her request.

Alex shopped for her clothing at a local vintage inspired boutique and was excited, but hesitant at her choice of wardrobe, as it was not her typical every-day style…but ended up really loving her choices and feeling very confident.

My favorite thing about this session is that Alex was very nervous.  She started out full of practiced smiles.  It took only a short while to pull her out of her shyness and experiment with her mood.  Once I got this first shot of her “serious” look and showed her how amazing it was, she loved it so much that it was hard for me to get a straight smile
from her after that!  She ended up really rockin the serious look!”

Great job Jamie!



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