Meet Jen Basford of Seniors Ignite…HOT 100 Leading Legend Judge

Hot 100
We are so excited that it is time for the HOT 100 again! Today we are introducing our last of the 3 Leading Legends judges this year. Each were chosen by me based on not only their amazing abilities, but their commitment to this industry and to Senior Style Guide. All of our Leading Legend judges are just that…Leading Legends. They are always setting the bar for this industry, quick to lend a hand and always supportive in our SSG community.

Jen Basford of 3 girls photography and Seniors Ignite has been an amazing friend to Senior Style Guide. She has written for both Senior Style Guide and Modern Teen Style magazines and be sure to check out her article in Modern Teen Style  due out at the end of this month! I have been a fan of her work for years and I am so grateful for all she does for this industry. She is the real deal.

Be sure to check out her website and follow her work on facebook and instagram…it will inspire you.

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I look forward to seeing your images!