Makayla…Japan Senior Session

Today’s session is from Melissa  of Photography By Melissa Grace  located in Okinawa, Japan!

Her is what Melissa had to say about the session:  “I opened up in January of this year and discovered that I love Senior photography!  I currently live in Okinawa, Japan as a military spouse, but we are relocating to North Carolina in 2 weeks!  I’m excited to start my business “over” again in a new market focused towards Seniors!!  My most recent session was a gorgeous senior girl, Makayla.  We headed to Depot Island in American Village for this shoot at 7am because the heat and humidity is awful in the summer!  We used the architecture and urban nature of the shopping area as much of our backdrop until we came upon an old, beat up, American car!!!  We got on the car, and then figured we’d try the door.  Bam!  It opened right up.  Those were my favorite shots along with the fashion style poses I got in the shopping area.  It helps to have a beautiful senior who was open to anything.  She actually didn’t wear any makeup besides her eye liner/mascara, and she styled herself! :)”



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