Loving Our Selfies-The {Client’s} Clothing Conundrum

You’ve heard the saying, “the clothes make the man”. Perhaps they don’t “make” the man or woman wearing them, but they sure as heck can give them a different perspective about themselves.

On my last shoot, I was fortunate enough to have a handsome gent. If I went shopping and chose his first outfit myself, I don’t think I could have done a better job. He was a STUD. Blue suit. Coat and vest. Checkered shirt. Spiffy brown shoes with blue laces. STUD. He owned that suit (not as in purchased it, but wore the crap out of it). I could see his confidence was sky high wearing it. It was easy to see how amazing he felt in it and it showed on camera.

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We all want out clients to have outfits like these. The ones they put on and feel like they can take over the world. Unfortunately, not all of our clients have these. Some of them walk in with an attitude less than thrilled to be in front of our camera because their self-confidence is in the crapper. So how can  as photogs help them choose the right outfits to get their confidence out of the toilet and up towards the clouds? Keep reading and hopefully these tips will help you help your clients!

1. Give them a little guidance. Some of our clients could be personal shoppers; they are trendy, unique and know exactly how to put an outfit together. Some, not so much. If you aren’t that great at putting outfits together, then look into buying a “What to Wear Guide”.  Senior Style Guide’s issue released TODAY has all the latest trends for seniors. Amanda Holloway is releasing one and Leslie Kerrigan has one as well.

2. Create Pinterest boards for inspiration. I have different boards for different looks including accessories, hair, makeup, jeans, blazers, etc. This is an easy way to pull looks from the web you love and fit your seniors’ style. I love Polyvore too; you can create boards of outfits including accessories, shoes; an entire outfit from top to bottom and put it on one of your Pinterest boards.

3. Work with a local boutique. Something I struggle with myself is wearing the proper clothing for my body type. Not all trendy clothes work with my “girls” and this (no quite Beyonce Bootylicious) booty. I need to make the trends work for me so I don’t look like I’m 14-months prego in all these beautiful, flowy clothes so popular right now. I hooked up with (yes, I’m talking about her and her boutique again!) Wanderlust Boutique in Rochester, MI and owner Ally Martin to help me pick out clothing for myself, as well as my clients. She has a degree in fashion, so she created a guide for me as to what clothing pieces compliment different body types. A guide like this helps clients choose pieces that compliment their best features.

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4. This isn’t a huge secret, but I feel kind of like it’s my little secret. So, you’re welcome (I’m a team player here, folks!). If you wear the colors appropriate for your skin tone, it will make the BIGGEST difference in photos. Once I figured out that, no, as a matter of fact I do not look good in peach, orange, red and cream (think colors that look great on tan folks, not my Casper the Friendly Ghost skin tone), holy flipping cow! Did that make the biggest difference to the way I saw myself and the way I photograph. I found a website that will help you find what color palette works for your skin. It may not be the colors you expect, so share it with your clients and the difference will be ridiculous. In a good way. http://personalitycafe.com/general-chat/37461-what-your-color-season-spring-summer-autumn-winter-fun.html

5. Be open to your seniors sending photos of their outfit choices. I have found this helps me envision exactly where I want to shoot. Also, if I don’t think something will work, I can tell them before they get there and they don’t have enough options. It may take more time, but it is well worth it and will help your senior feel more valued as a client.

These are just a handful of tips, but I know they can help your kids feel good about themselves. If they feel good about themselves, it will show on camera and make your “job” much easier, and much more fun.