Loving Our Selfies – Giving Thanks

It’s cliché, I know, but I really am grateful for everything in my world. I have an amazing family including a hubby who knows me SO WELL, if I ask his opinion on something, he always tells me to choose A because he plays reverse psychology and knows I will inevitably choose B because I always change my mind. Oh, and he loves me too, a lot! My daughter, although so much of a manic we’ve lovingly nicknamed her “Destructo”, keeps me laughing (and huffing in frustration!) everyday and teaches me about what is important in life. My friends crack me up so much my stomach hurts and are there for me whenever I need them even though many of them live hours from me. My parents, my siblings, my Nikon, the food on my table, the bed I get to sleep in every night…

And this. I’m grateful for this column and Vickie Black who gave me the opportunity to share, annoy, complain and hopefully teach some of you about my experiences with photography, self-esteem and confidence. As I said, I hope you all out there gain something from reading it, you know, the five of you who actually do (hehehe), but honestly, I gain so much from writing it and I feel it’s made me a better photog for it. This blog makes me delve deep into what I’m feeling, makes me look at my strengths AND weaknesses and share them with you, then learn and grow from the sharing. That’s invaluable to me and if you do the same after reading, BOOM, mission accomplished!

I’m grateful for the community photography can be, because without you, and my fellow KSW alumni, it would feel like a lonely island without a lifeboat. There are some who rub us the wrong way or get a little feisty, but overall, what an amazing family we have. My KSW friends I haven’t even met in person most of them, but I can go to the group as a whole, or even private message some of them with questions or in need of help and they are always there.

Gosh, I’m getting all warm and fuzzy thinking about all of this. It’s like I’ve had a little Bailey’s in my coffee but I didn’t…yet 😉

My clients, I’m grateful for them as well. Whether they spend the minimum amount or purchase my highest package, it doesn’t really matter. They chose me, ME, as their photographer for such an important time in their lives whether it’s for their senior photos or their wedding. Man, that’s a big deal. It’s crazy how close we become and I’m grateful for the relationships we’ve forged.

I hope you are grateful, too, for everything you have. We all have something to be grateful for, whether it’s a brand new Nikon D810 (can you tell what’s on my Christmas Wish List?), your children, your mom, your next-door neighbor who snow blows your driveway for you when it’s 20 degrees outside. Also, you are all talented people, be thankful for that and the amazing careers we have. We may not all have the sales or the number of sessions, but we will get there!

Happy early Thanksgiving y’all and thank you for everything.

P.S. This photo is almost two years old…but represents what I’m thankful for…

TJM_7951 copy