Latasha Haynes of Ike and Tash…Building A Loyal Senior Model Experience!

How do you work  your Senior Model program?  

Or getting models who are motivated?  Maybe just getting people to apply?  Don’t know what to do when you have them?

This is the single most asked about topic in forums and on facebook pages.  Senior Model programs are difficult but once figured out, they can be a rewarding experience for everyone.  Senior Style Guide is excited to have teamed up with Latasha Haynes of Ike & Tash Photography + Motion for this amazing one week forum class!  Ike and Tash are killing the senior model program experience and having amazing results. They are leading this industry with their innovative approach from start to finish…which only creates more demand for their street team!  Learn from the best who are right there working rep programs the right way.

Included in this class is two months free in the Senior Style Guide Forum, a pdf manual, forum discussion, 2015 Street Team contract and application, 2015 welcome letter, senior model timeline for the year (activities, things to do) and a video interview of REAL Senior Models Past and Present!

When:  March 24-28

Where:  Senior Style Guide Forum

Price:  $100


To register click HERE!

Get your senior model program started off right.