Kylie…Rocking The Style

Wow check out this senior from Danae at Danae Jones Photography all the way from Albany, Oregon!  This gorgeous girl was so versatile!  She could rock the totally feminine look and mix it up with the serious model look!  I love love love the locations, the outfits and this girl’s overall style…

Here is what Danae had to say about this rockin’ session:  “Kylie is a senior at Stayton Highschool (Stayton, Oregon) who is completely a go-getter, rumor has it she’s an amazing volley ball player, in fact between her school schedule and busy volley ball schedule of practice and tournaments- when we finally had one afternoon that we were both available to do the shoot we knew we *had *to make it happen. It rained the night before, it rained the morning of the shoot, it rained after the shoot, but during the shoot- the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!”

When Danae spoke with Kylie she knew she would want a more edgy feel to her images with back alley shots…mix that with a few more traditional/feminine shots and you have this amazing session.  Now to find the perfect spot for the session to take place…”We shot her senior photos in Corvallis, Oregon where we started out at Avery park, before moving to an old train and then eventually to some back alleys in downtown Corvallis. Kylie’s family just opened a clothing store in Albany called “West End” and Kylie is rocking the West End style in her shoot.”

Kylie’s mom was an amazing assistant and style guide!  Danae said she “also put her to work holding off camera lighting a few times for me!”  Although Kylie admitted she was a little nervous at first, she had a blast in the end.  I can totally see that Kylie.  You look relaxed and like you are having the time of your life!  Way to rock it Danae…we hope to see more work from you in the future!


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