Kristina…Kentucky Senior Session

Today’s submission is from Amy of Limelight Photography located in Paducah, Kentucky!

Here is what Amy had to say about this session:  ” I think more than anything, I want to encourage other photographers that live in small communities. It makes me jealous sometimes looking at the urban landscapes that photographers in large cities have readily available. How incredible it must be to walk outside your door and have such a wealth of photo-ops!! I think that small town photographers need to be a little more resourceful and creative when it comes to finding new and interesting backdrops. My seniors come to me because they want their photos to be unique. Even in a studio setting, you have to strive to find new angles and ways to set one senior’s photos apart from her friend’s. I use our communities’ restaurants, churches, parks, abandonded name it!!! While we are a small community, we are fortunate to have so many spots rich in photographic possiblities. No two seniors’ photos are ever alike! We are constantly finding new angles, new spots, and small details that we haven’t seen before. I have been a senior photographer in this area for over 13 years and have yet to tire of my neighboring communities. Kristina and I had a fabulous time touring all over Western Kentucky for her shoot!  A few are taken at a church that is more than 100 years old, Grace Episcopal in Paducah, KY. Others are taken at Whaler’s Catch, a fantastic local restaurant in Paducah along the Ohio River.  The others are taken by Kentucky Lake. We used Lighthouse Landing as a backdrop for the shots with the sailboats. The cute photos of Kristina with the sunlight hitting her gorgeous face were also at Lighthouse Landing on an observation deck. The others were taken at a nearby restaurant, Patti’s 1880’s Settlement in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. They have an amazing location, filled with waterfalls, winding paths, flowers of all kinds (year round!), a chapel where many people get married every year, and tons of benches, archways, and interesting nooks and crannies.”

This session is awesome Amy!



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