Issue 3 Cover Contest…Images That Got Our Attention

OMG the images we received for the cover contest of Issue 3 are fabulous.  You guys are fierce.  To say you made the judges jobs difficult is an understatement.  Tomorrow morning we will announce the runner up, second runner up and one image that was a hands-down-fabulous-image that we had to acknowledge (besides I don’t like the term third place)!  Then later in the day we will announce the cover winner for the print magazine.

But I want to give some serious style points to these three images as they were quite the contenders!

Our first image is from Michelle Moore.  If you have not become a fan of her work yet…you should.  Be sure to stop by her site!


Our second image that we want to highlight is from Carrie Stadelman of Freeland Photography.  Go check out her work and take a look at this gorgeous image below and you can see why it was a heavy contender!

And the third image that caught our attention is from Morgan Jenkins of DaeLight Photography.  Be sure to check out her work as well.  Gorgeous work Morgan!

I want to thank the photographers listed above for their awesome work.  Oh how I wish everyone could be the cover. Seriously!  We have three more fabulous images to feature tomorrow as our runners up and then we will be revealing the photographer who won the cover for issue 3!