Introducing The Senior Style Lounge

Senior Style Guide

Growth in this industry comes in many forms.  We learn from industry leaders and our peers to stay on trend with the senior market.  We scour blogs, websites, magazines and our favorite stores.  But who are we missing?  How about our target market?  Why are we not talking to and highlighting the demographic we are marketing to?  Why are we not hearing from them directly?

That was something I was asking myself a few months ago.  After a casual conversation with a few of my senior clients who off handedly said “I follow SSG on Instagram because I love seeing the daily images. It gives me ideas and I love seeing what the seniors are wearing!”  Daily inspiration….yes we are providing that for photographers currently on Instagram, but why aren’t we drawing in our target market? They want daily inspiration so they know what to wear to their sessions with us!  Why aren’t we marketing to them?  I know some of you are throwing your hands in the air saying because we are a photography blog and magazine catering to photographers!  Exactlyso why aren’t we learning from them through them????

In order for it to compliment all the amazing things currently going on with our blog and Instagram and not taking away from our mission, we created a portal for the teens.  If you go to our blog you will notice on the header page Senior Style Lounge.
It is exactly that…a lounge.  A place where all the information geared towards our target market will reside.  Is it only for teens? NO!  It is for us as well.  We need to know what is in their closets, the music they love, their favorite shows and products.  We need to know where they shop and what they are raving about at this very moment.

These extra blog posts and Instagram posts geared towards teens (which btw again, is an excellent educational tool for us photographers), will still appear on the senior style guide blog alongside our current posts,  but if you click on the lounge link these new posts will also  all be in one place for the teens (and you) to readily access!

We will still be featuring our photographers daily on Instagram but with a twist…you will need to include your senior clients Instagram username so we can tag them too!

Some other fun things you will be seeing on our Instagram throughout the coming months as this grows…

Media Monday-We have asked photographers to talk to their models about their favorite shows, apps, music and movies!  Would you like to be featured on Media Monday with some of your models?  Contact us!

Tagging Tuesday-Tag your senior clients to follow us and we will feature on our Instagram some photos of the photographer who tags the most!

What to wear Wednesdays-We have some amazing photographers in this industry who will share what their clients are wearing on the blog and we will feature some of those images on Instagram!

Topic Thursday-Hair, makeup, running a teen business you name it!  We are looking for it!

Favorite Product Friday-We will highlight your favorite products just let us know by tagging it in the post! And from time to time there will be fun product giveaways!

Spotlight Saturday-We will be showcasing some amazing photos of your seniors!

And everyday we will continue to showcase your teens on Instagram just remember to include their Instagram name when you direct message us!  Together we can learn from each other and grow!

All the while we will be continuing with the educational blog posts and inspiration you have come to expect from Senior Style Guide!

Stay tuned later today as we kick off Media Monday!