If you give a girl a camera…

Today we have a special blog post from Jamie Larson of The Snap Society.  We love her heart and everything she stands for!

camera close up 1200wide

The right tools can unlock a powerful future!

I fell in love with photography with only a point-and-shoot. Being the amazing husband that he is, Mr. Incredible asked my friends and family for money to put towards a camera for my birthday.

And there I was, with my first DSLR. It was glorious, kit lens and all. I really thought it could not get any better than that. Why would I ever need to upgrade, this camera was perfect (in my eyes)!

You know, WHEN YOU GIVE A GIRL A CAMERA, she will soon realize she needs a 50mm lens, to make the skin tones soft and the background blurry.

And after she gets that lens, she will need a custom strap that fits her personality.

Those extra lenses & straps have to go somewhere of course, so she will need a fashionable camera bag to put all her treasures in.

Eventually though, WHEN YOU GIVE A GIRL A CAMERA……she will use it to provide for her family.

After a few years, that tool will give her family the financial freedom that she could only dream about.

It is incredible isn’t it? That by giving someone a simple tool, and then believing that they can do great things with it, you set them a path of success!

What about people who do not have the tools and support systems to succeed? What can be done for them?

There is an amazing organization called Light Up Hope that helps under resourced people in Kenya, Africa. They have an orphanage for children in need, but what really excites me is their trade school for orphans who age out of the program. Have you ever thought to yourself, “What does an orphan do once they are not in the system anymore?” They have no skills, no parents to support them, and no money for college.

The answer is, they go back to living in poverty because they don’t have the TOOLS or the support system that they once had.

For my birthday I donated $1000 to help build the Light Up Hope Trade School, and I am asking that you would give a little back as well. I would love if you would help me match this $1000 by the end of the day. Help empower change in these young people’s lives who really have no other hope. Help them, help themselves.

Because, WHEN YOU GIVE A GIRL A CAMERA…she can do a whole lot more than take beautiful pictures, buy extra lenses, and fashion bags…..SHE CAN HELP CHANGE THE WORLD.

Lets be part of something bigger than ourselves. Join me in this and DONATE to Light Up Hope,

If you donate by the end of today (Friday) you are eligible to win a FREE hour mentor call with me, Jamie Larson of The Snap Society.