Hurricane Harvey Impact Bundle | Make A Difference

All of us have witnessed the devastation in Texas.  Many of us have stood on the sidelines wondering how we could help.  This is the worst natural disaster in US history.  Texas needs our help NOW.

I was one of those people watching the devastation unfold.  I wanted to help but did not know the best way.  I knew we had photographers in our SSG community who were gravely affected.  And then a simple phone call gave me focus and a way.  Jen Bertrand, PUSH speaker and photographer, picked up the phone one night to say “Hey let’s do something.”  YES let’s do it.  Sometimes, it only takes one person to prompt you to act.  To propel you forward.  

In that phone call we hatched a plan to pull together PUSH Speakers and more to create the Impact Bundle.  We decided to pull everyone we could together to create this incredible downloadable educational bundle.  Because we want to make an Impact for everyone who is affected by this and this is how we knew to help.  Everyone was so gracious and acted as quickly as possible to make this happen.  Britney Jeanine quickly put together ads and a logo.  The donations came in and it all came together faster than anything I have witnessed.  This industry has my heart.  They are some of the most giving and caring people I have ever met.

The outpouring of support was overwhelming.  This bundle contains over $2400 worth of education from industry leaders…all for $99.  And the best part is this…100% of the proceeds benefit Hurricane Harvey Relief.  The board at PUSH For A will be donating the money raised to the JJ Watts Foundation.  Jen and I agreed this would be the best choice since they are looking towards long term relief to help Texas.

Please Note:  This bundle will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

Here is a list of Photographers and Vendors you will see in the Impact Bundle:

Amanda Holloway
Christina Ramirez

Claire Anderson

Craig Stidham

Devon Jones

Jackie Palmer

Jen Bertrand

Latasha Haynes

Sean Brown

Stephanie Newbold

Tara Rochelle

Teri Fode
The Modern Collective

Senior Style Guide


You can get full details on the items in this bundle at PUSH For A
his non profit was launched to help our community and I can’t think of a better way than with this impact bundle.

A huge shout out to Jen for picking up the phone and prompting action.  She has worked tirelessly to help make this effort a success.  Proving that together all of US can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone for their support so we can help make a difference for Texas.  I encourage everyone to share this blog post so we can have a greater Impact!