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If you are looking to take your senior business to the next level and want to learn how to break into senior spokesmodels and run the program successfully, Ty Fischer is the man to be watching.  In three short successful years he has mastered the art of not only acquiring senior spokesmodels for his studio, but also making them paying raving clients.  Last year he had a mind blowing 79 senior spokesmodels and this year he has an impressive 82 senior spokesmodels who are representing his brand in the schools.  In my conversations with Ty, I always walk away with my mind spinning.  To say he impresses me is an understatement.

So when we planned the photographers who would represent our Business Booster online classes in the forum for the first year,  I knew I wanted Ty to be among them.  The timing is perfect because most of us are planning senior rep/spokesmodel campaigns!  So this is your chance to learn from someone who has it figured out!

Registration begins Monday, April 22 and will close on Friday, May 10 so do not wait to get into this class.  Webinar will be live on May 13th. 11am est

Please note, this is an advanced class.  You will need to be proficient with such things as downloading files, social media, how to use pdfs, maneuver a forum and also be comfortable in a      forum environment, etc.  This class will be held in Senior Style Guide’s online forum.  If you are not a member you will be asked to create a username and password before you pay for the course.  We are giving class attendees a year free in the forum.  And the class is only $99.  (Please note:  there is a class restriction radius of 60 miles of Ty’s studios.)

Here are the details of the class from Ty:

So you want to have a spokesmodel program that is solid, growing and profitable? I think we can help. In the last 3 years Fischink Photography has had over 220 spokesmodels, including  79 for the class of 2013 and 82 for the upcoming class of 2014. Here’s the kicker… They are all paying clients.

We have poured our heart and soul into what we believe is one of the best spokesmodel programs going that can be cultivated from the ground level for any newer photographer who is looking to take their spokesmodel program to the next level.

I firmly believe that to have a truly great program in place you have to start with a solid foundation of business. Below is a list of all items we will be covering in our program as well as what each class attendee will receive.


  1. Logo development and how it affects your branding. Cost effective options to create a great first impression with a great logo.
  2. Your website or your “virtual storefront” why it must look and work a certain way. How to make your blog life easy and drive seniors to your blog!
  3. Social Media.


  1. Facebook. Everyone is saying Facebook is dead, the kids are no longer on it. Every spokesmodel we have has come from Facebook and still is. I have spent over 2 years working through Facebook and promise to show you things you never knew were available to you for free. Fischink Photography has never paid for an ad on Facebook.
  2. Instagram. How we use it. Why we use it and how not to overuse it.


  1. APPS. A couple great, free apps that we like to use to be in constant connection with our spokesmodels.
  2. When, where & why.
  3. Learn about our online application we have each spokesmodel fill out to apply to be a spokesmodel.
  4. See when is the best time to start marketing for new senior spokesmodels
  5. Our large group interviews with spokesmodels and parents
  6. Why we have limited membership into our program per school based on the size.
    1. Don’t take it on the chin.
    2. See how our spokesmodels become regular paying clients. Learn incentives we use to motivate our spokesmodels and their parents.
    3. Make up. Over 90% of our girls (spokesmodels and regular clients) use our make up service. We will show you why this is so important


  1. Our entire Spokesmodel paperwork and marketing material in PDF and PSD format which includes.
    1. Includes our current 2014 spokesmodel packet covering benefits, incentives, payment plan and model release.
    2. Our 4×6 spokesmodel referral card and where we get them printed in bulk at a great price.
    3. Our make up card we give to all clients.



  1. FIVA (Fischink Virtual App) a link to our Sticky Album Spokesmodel Ad that every spokesmodel receives when they sign on plus a special discount code to all classroom attendees for $55 off a 1 year pro membership to Sticky Albums.
  2. How To videos. Actual screen shot videos or me setting up:
    1. Our private groups on Facebook with email capability so you never have to get on Facebook to communicate with spokesmodels.
    2. How to find high school clients on Facebook
    3. How to organize school and class year with lists
    4. PDF of Facebook tips and tricks to maximize exposure



“Wow, such an awesome and inspiring program. I was totally blown way!”

Suzette Allen.  Cr. Photog., CPP, API

Suzette has been an industry leading photoshop educator for 10 years and a very successful portrait photographer for over 25 years. See her work at

This is one class you do not want to miss…