HOT 100 Winners 2015

Hot 100 image submission

WOW!  Can we just take a moment and look at the HOT 100 this year?  There were 6315 images entered.  3 elimination rounds.  All to get to this list.  This final list of the absolute best of the best images of 2015.  Our judges worked very hard.  I personally cannot even imagine the stress they were under to compile this list given the amount of amazing images they had to look at.  Let’s all just take a moment to thank Brooke Daniels, Nicole Cook and Chelsea Atkins.  There job was insurmountable and yet they prevailed.

Below you will see the names per category and I will be revealing the images that correspond with the names when we release The HOT 100 Issue  on November 15th!  These images will only be revealed in the magazine and  I cannot wait to share these gorgeous images with you! And getting to know the talent behind them in the coming year!  Yes each and every one of you on this list, I want to see you on the blog, social media, etc. in 2016!

Let’s all take a deep breath before we see who made this year’s list…

Ok ready?

Here are the HOT 100 winning images of 2015…


1. Catie Ronquillo

2. Dash Photography

3. GB Daniels

4. Kody Diane

5. Marquel Dodson Photography

6. Mary Moua  (Icon Status)

7. Simona Monique Photography

8. Sunshine Soul Photography

9. Thomas Nguyen

10. Brianna Gamble Photography

11. Ray Davis Photography

Black and White

  1. Coco.Laine   (Icon Status)
  2. Coco.Laine   (Icon Status)
  3. Emily Nicole Photography
  4. Keala Jarvis Photography
  5. Munfy Photography
  6. Tara Rochelle   (Icon Status)
  7. Tara Rochelle   (Icon Status)
  8. Tara Rochelle   (Icon Status)
  9. True Moua Photography  (Icon Status)
  10. Amanda Holloway   (Icon Status)
  11. B. Beautiful Artistry
  12. Katie Myrick Photography
  13.  Maxxum Photography
  14. Salome Photography
  15. Alyssa Chappell Photography
  16. Anneliese Photography
  17. Caroline Madsen Photography

Country Chic

  1. Amanda Holloway  (Icon Status)
  2. Amie Reinholz
  3. Audrey Boehme Photography
  4. Clara Bella Photography  (Icon Status)
  5. Devon J. Imagery
  6. Mary Moua  (Icon Status)
  7. Tara Rochelle   (Icon Status)
  8. The Siners
  9. MAO Photography
  10. Stephanie Newbold Photography
  11. Studio Blue Photography
  12. Zach and Sarah Photography
  13. Amore Bello
  14. Studio 116


  1. Jen Bertrand Photographie
  2. Bekah Imagery   (Icon Status)
  3. Cindy Swanson Photography
  4. Denise Photography
  5. Marquel Dodson Photography
  6. Larisa OBrien Photography
  7. Tara Rochelle  (Icon Status)
  8. True Moua Photography  (Icon Status)
  9. Maria Vallejo
  10. Christina Ramirez  (Icon Status)
  11. Andrea Godfrey Photography
  12. Chelsea Peterson Photography
  13. Heather Owens Photography  (Icon Status)
  14. Stephanie Monique Photography
  15. Heidi Bowers Photography


  1. Leslie Savage Photography   (Icon Status)
  2. Arielle Langhorne  (Icon Status)
  3. Bekah Imagery  (Icon Status)
  4. Christina Ramirez Photography  (Icon Status)
  5. Craig Stidham  (Icon Status)
  6. Mary Moua  (Icon Status)
  7. Studio Twelve  (Icon Status)
  8. Tara Rochelle  (Icon Status)
  9. Lindsey Pantaleo
  10. Studio Twelve  (Icon Status)
  11.  Janese Hockman
  12. Shannon Kaeding Photography
  13. Tiffany Hugins
  14. Beck Photo
  15. Amber Cornell
  16. Ashley Schmidt Photo
  17. Cindy Short Photography
  18. Crissy Easom Photography
  19. Inspired Memorys Photography


  1. Alda Bella Photography
  2. Atchley Photography
  3. Craig Stidham  (Icon Status)
  4. Digi Smiles  (Icon Status)
  5. Jason Duchow Photography
  6. Ling Wang Photography
  7. Moxie Design
  8. Tara Rudy Photography
  9. Urban Flair Photography
  10. Evangeline Images
  11. Allison Ragsdale
  12. Charizma Photography


  1. 721 Photography
  2. Coco.Laine  (Icon Status)
  3. c Phelps Photography
  4. J Tori Photography
  5. LA Seniors
  6. Tara Mesyn
  7. Tara Rochelle  (Icon Status)
  8. Tara Rochelle  (Icon Status)
  9. True Moua Photography  (Icon Status)
  10. Amanda Holloway  (Icon Status)
  11. Salomon Says Photography
  12. Four J Photography
  13. Renee Marchelle Photography
  14. Sara Welch Photography
  15. Schrage Photography


  1. Tara Rochelle   (Icon Status)
  2. Bella Lei Couture
  3. Amanda Holloway   (Icon Status)
  4. Amanda Holloway   (Icon Status)
  5. Photos By Alex S
  6. Shabby Jack
  7. T Austin Photography
  8. Teri Fode   (Icon Status)
  9. David Beckham Photography
  10. Nicki Hufford Photography
  11. Carey Anne Photography
  12. Joey Jones
  13. Kacie Q Photography
  14. Eliza Russo

Styled Concept

  1. Clara Bella Photography  (Icon Status)
  2. Arielle Langhorne  (Icon Status)
  3. Digi Smiles  (Icon Status)
  4. Mary Moua  (Icon Status)
  5. Pink Owl Photography
  6. Rey Of Light Seniors
  7. Studio Twelve  (Icon Status)
  8. Studio Twelve  (Icon Status)
  9. Ali Ann Photography
  10. Amanda Holloway   (Icon Status)
  11. Megan Bryant
  12. Barefoot Photography and Boutique
  13. Chelsea Taylor
  14. Connie Roper Seniors
  15. Linabell
  16. Alicia Haskew Photography
  17. Valerie Ott Photography


  1.  Bekah Imagery  (Icon Status)
  2. Christy Schmid Photography
  3. Coco.Laine  (Icon Status)
  4. J Bello Photography
  5. Katie Brock
  6. Leslie Savage Photography  (Icon Status)
  7. Look Portrait
  8. The Road Home Photography
  9. True Moua Photography  (Icon Status)
  10. Teri Fode      (Icon Status)
  11. Heather Owens Photography  (Icon Status)
  12. Jane Engs
  13. Melissa White Photography
  14. Carrie Anne Photography
  15. Tricia Toker
  16. Sean Brown Productions

What a list!  Congratulations to everyone who made the HOT 100 this year and Wow to all the icon status photographers!  I cannot wait to share the images with you in the November issue of Senior Style Guide.