HOT 100 Icon Status Winner | Three Irish Girls

In preparation for the HOT 100 Contest for 2018, we will be featuring  2017 HOT 100 Icon Status Winners each week for the rest of the summer!

Today’s featured HOT 100 Icon Status Winner is Sharon McMahon of Three Irish Girls Photography, located in Duluth, Minnesota.  Here is a little info about Sharon, and a few of her winning images!



“Sharon McMahon is the lucky mother of four children, wife to an endlessly supportive husband, and reluctant sweeper-upper of fur from her two giant dogs.  After living on both the West and East Coasts, she returned to her roots on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota.  She’s been a full time photographer for five years.​”



Congrats on your Icon Status, Sharon! You can see more of Sharon’s work on Facebook and Instagram!

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