HOT 100 Icon Status Winner | Melissa White Photography

Today we are featuring HOT 100 Icon Status Winner Melissa White Photography! Check out Melissa’s bio and her winning images!

Bio:  “Melissa White is a portrait photographer based in San Luis Obispo, CA. She began her photography journey in 2009, shooting her own 4 (darling and extremely photogenic 😉 ) children, family portraits, and a few weddings.  It wasn’t until 2012 that she found her true love shooting seniors.  It is her passion to give the gift of confidence and to help her clients…especially senior girls- see themselves the way that she see them, the way that our creator sees them. Beauty is truly in us all.”


Session 1 | SOOC winning images:

“Both images that received recognition from this session were for SOOC honors. Sophie is a natural beauty, so this is not surprising to me.  These were all captured during her individual LUXE session in September 2017. She wanted something natural and organic and also take advantage of the gorgeous light at the sand dunes. We started in an orchard where we came upon a HUGE field of blooming sunflowers, apples dripping from the tree branches, and a couple of giant succulents that all provided gorgeous color, texture, and interest. Her outfits were paired perfectly with the locations.
Our next stop was the sand dunes, and we were blessed with a clear, sunny sky.  The light and the colors on the dunes is just incredible in the 30 minutes before sunset. The wind provided gorgeous movement with her hair and dress.
The entire session was shot with my Nikon d810 and Nikkor 85 1.8 lens.  Alex Evan, my fabulous hair and makeup artist, created Sophie’s flawless look.”
More (retouched ;))  favorites from this session:
Session 2 | Photographer’s Choice winning image:
“This shoot was done in early June 2017, as a for fun, creative boost before the senior season kicked into high gear.  I was inspired by Kyra (my senior muse) and her gorgeous Free People prom dress that I saw her in the week before on instagram. So, I grabbed her, set her up with hair and makeup with my fabulous partner in crime (Alex Evans @alexmakeupart) for a super natural beachy look and off we went!   We enjoyed a magical unicorn of a day at the sand dunes about 20 minutes from my home.  Blue, sunny skies, no wind… just perfect. One of those days that will stay with me forever. So many gorgeous images captured that day. “
A few more favorites:
Congrats on your HOT 100 Icon Status, Melissa!  To see more work from Melissa, make sure to follow her on her social media accounts listed below! To learn more about this year’s HOT 100 contest, and how to submit your images, click here!