HOT 100 Icon Status Winner | Chelsea Taylor Photography


This week we are featuring HOT 100 Icon Status Winner, Chelsea Taylor Photography, located in Southern Kansas! Here is a little info about Chelsea and some of her winning images!

“Chelsea Taylor is an award-winning, natural light photographer located in southern Kansas. She specializes in portraits for teen & senior girls and strives to create an experience that makes young women feel beautiful & confident. Chelsea is known for bright, bold, colorful images with lots of sunshine! Chelsea is the wife of a gorgeous bearded man, the mom of a spoiled pitbull and she has a deep love for strong coffee, dark chocolate and the dollar bins at target. Her work has been nationally published in Senior Style Guide, The Twelfth Year & Beauty Revived magazine.”
“These images were inspired by my model shaving her head- I instantly wanted to do a 90s/GI Jane inspired shoot and she was totally up for it!​”
“These shots were from a spring mini shoot with one of my senior reps- the turquoise and white wall is at a car wash!! I had passed it a ton of times and it always caught my eye, I love how they turned out!”
“As with most of my favorite shots- these were unplanned! We had done a styled urban shoot with a pizza, but my model brought these glasses and I knew I wanted to snag a couple more funky & editorial shots at the end!”
“These images were from a Dirty Dancing inspired shoot- the flowers were something we stumbled upon at the end and they turned out to be some of my absolute favorite images from last spring!”
“All images are taken with a Canon 6D & Sigma 85 mm art lens! I often also use a large body size reflector. “
Thank you for sharing Chelsea, and congrats on your Icon Status!  To see more of Chelsea’s work, you can follow her on her social media accounts listed below.  And if you’re interested in learning more about the HOT 100 contest, and how to submit your images, make sure to check out our blog…click here!