Growth…a beautiful thing

Senior Style Guide was started almost a year ago.  My idea to create a place for senior photographers to browse and be inspired has grown each month.  For that I cannot thank you enough.  We have always wanted our readers to have something more than the blog to be inspired by…so we are expanding to a quarterly print magazine.

Our first edition will contain not only eye candy from lots of your favorite senior photographers…it will also have informative articles that will hopefully assist you with fine tuning your current business whether you are just starting or have been established for some time now.  Articles that will leave you inspired and hopefully articles that you will come back to time and time again.  Our print magazines are meant to be your resource in this ever changing market.  A magazine devoted to you…The Senior Photographer.

You will love our first lineup of contributors.  I am so honored and grateful to each and every one of them for donating their time and expertise to make this first magazine a reality.  You will love this edition.

We have been making some changes to our facebook page recently…we would love for you to post your favorite images or ideas for upcoming articles or issues.  We want to interact with you.  We will also be asking on our facebook fan page in the coming days for submissions to complete this first issue.  While I am sure we will not be able to accommodate everyone, please know that your images will be looked at and if not used for the first magazine, they could potentially be picked up for a later magazine.  I know what it is like to submit your images and feel like they are lost in cyberspace.  I also know the elation of having them looked at and chosen!

We also ask for your assistance to spread the word.  We want to find the undiscovered senior photographer out there.  Maybe someone who is rockin’ the scene but the world doesn’t know about them yet?  We want our community to expand.  Growth is a beautiful thing because we all learn from it.  I know in the last year I have been honored to learn from each and every one of you.  The images all have something special in them.

We will continue blogging like crazy people and we look forward to embarking on this new journey together…