Frank…Mooresville High School Senior

Another great submission from the very talented Taffy of Taffy French Photography  located in Avon, IN!  I love Taffy’s work.  It has a distinctive flair to it.

Meet Frank, a senior from Mooresville High School.  Frank is quite the athlete and is the quarterback for Mooresville’s football team.  These images are perfect and I am sure you had a blast with Taffy!

The session took place at the canal located in downtown Indianapolis.  I love this venue.  There is something unique around every corner.  A photographer’s paradise!
Taffy said she didn’t have to worry about getting to know her client for this one as she has known Frank since he was a baby!  She went on to say that is was a pleasure to watch him grow over the years into the amazing young man that he is today.
Here is Taffy’s take on the session:  We had a great session at the canal. During the session a young child ran directly into the water…didn’t slip, just ran right off of the edge. It was quite alarming however family members of the kiddo went in right after him so he was a.ok. As far as the session with Frank, as with most other young men he started off quite reserved in front of the camera but quickly warmed up to get these great shots and just look at those guns! Can you say Quar.ter.back!?

Excellent work as always.  I love your submissions and all the effort and talent that goes into each and every image you deliver to your clients…rock on!




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