Feedback Friday…Senior Rep Agreement By The Lawtog

Show of hands, who has contracts?  Better yet, who has iron clad contracts in place with their clients?  Do not be fooled by a false sense of security-you need contracts with each and every client that books you.

I had the opportunity to review Rachel Brenke’s  (aka The Lawtog) newest contract for your senior reps/models.  This is the perfect addition to your photographer toolkit.  Not only is it extremely comprehensive, but it is of the quality you expect from The Lawtog’s product offerings!  If you are serious about having senior models, I encourage you to purchase this today.  Start out right this year!  You owe it to yourself and your business to give your senior rep/model program the best foundation possible for success!

This contract makes expectations and requirements clear to your senior reps/models. End the yearly battle and prepare to take your program to the next level this year.

Rachel is offering Senior Style Guide users $20 off with code SSG20 on any senior contract until April 15, 2014!  To purchase click HERE!

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