Feedback Friday…School of Tess

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to take Natasha Tessier’s online editing class with several other photographers.  Let me start by saying if you are not certain about editing or have not found your style yet or just want to zero in on some great editing tips then this is the class for you!

The first thing I noticed about this class was it was geared towards making sure you learned the steps.  It was not a class where the agenda and time were set and the instructor blew through the material.  She went through each step, let people ask questions and then moved on.  In fact the class was around 3 hours!

The second thing that I applaud her for is the use of free actions and also showing you how to do the same thing in photoshop.  I know I was guilty of this in the beginning, buying tons of actions and not having a style or  a focus.  Big time style points Natasha!  Actions are great when you know what you are looking to achieve.

This next one is a big one.  She used images from people who signed up for the class alongside her own images.  This lets others know she knows how to teach this class.

Would I take this class again?  Yes.  I feel that it was a well put together class and I am sure there is more to learn from it.

Do I recommend it for others?  Yes.  Especially if you are new or feel that your editing is lacking or you just want to spice things up a bit.

To follow Natasha and learn more about her services click the links below:
WEBSITE (School of Tess):
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I am posting a SOOC image and a After image below for you to see how I used her techniques.



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