Feedback Friday…Rebooku Photographer Services

Do you Rebooku?  If not…what are you waiting for?

I recently shot a gorgeous senior and her dog.  The two of them together could not have been any cuter.   However one shot that I absolutely fell in love with was less than flattering for my senior client.  She appeared to have a double chin!  If you saw this girl in person you would know this is virtually impossible, but the angle and pose mimicked it.  Unbelievable.  She loved it but not like that.  I couldn’t blame her and I wanted to deliver what she envisioned…

Enter rebooku to save the day…literally!
I had heard about their new service for us photographers…one to make our lives easier.  And as photographer’s we could all use a service geared towards making our lives a little less chaotic!  So I created an account all the while concerned she might look too photoshopped and not really her.   That was a waste of my mental anguish.  The process from start to finish was flawless.  Creating an account was easy, the upload went smoothly and within 12 hours I had the image as I envisioned it in my head!  What did this mental health booster cost me…?  $3!  I was in shock.  I would pay $3 any day to save a moment captured like this one.

Does rebooku make our lives easier…YES!  They offer a wide range of services from image correction to album design at affordable prices.  I highly encourage you to check them out here:

And so you can see what I was freaking out about with my own client’s image, I have included a before and after!



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