Feedback Friday…Rebooku Album Design

Do you reebooku?

Today I am reviewing rebooku services again.  Last time I tried their photoshop services and I loved it!  In fact, I have used those services 3 more times to remove glass glare, shadows and more.  I love the ease of use and how fast you get your final image back!

So why not test out their album design services?  Our editor Stacy uploaded some of her images (Stacy Green Photography) to test out the album designer.  We found this to be just as easy and fast!  You upload your images and pick the style you want.  The spreads came back within a couple of days with an easy to use interface that lets you add comments for further revisions, etc.  And they keep you informed every step of the way.  If you have a problem…brace yourself because they get right back to you (even on the weekends as I quickly learned)!

I have attached a couple of screenshots of Stacy’s album design.  I encourage you to try rebooku’s wide range of photographers services today and get your life back!