Feedback Friday…Fashion Seniors

Craig Stidham

I met Craig in a unique way.  He was on tour with Sandy Puc and an attendee had a conversation with him.  During the course of this conversation, this person said you need to check out Senior Style Guide and do something with them!  Now I do not know who this attendee was but I wish I did so I could thank them personally!  Not only was that a beautiful random act of kindness spreading the SSG love but  inadvertently they have created a new friendship.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Craig the last couple of weeks.  He is amazingly talented and inspiring.  I leave our conversations energized and ready to try something different.  Now I just need to follow through!

Craig is a fashion photographer from Texas who also photographs seniors.  His fashion background flows seamlessly through his images.  In fact, it pulsates throughout.  Initially he taught at the college level, has been published in several fashion magazines and had his work featured on billboards across the country.  He is  now teaching workshops.

So today I am going to review Craig’s first book titled…Fashion Seniors

Craig Stidham

This book was born out of frustation.  A frustration over many things in the industry.  But Craig has a way of turning this frustration into a gift for everyone who wants it.  He is an open book literally.  He loves to teach.  So it was no surprise that his book, Fashion Seniors was a informative, well written read.

Fashion Seniors is the type of book you want to set aside time to immerse yourself in.  It is written in easy to understand terms.  Appealing to not only the beginning photographer but also the more advanced one.  His use of visuals, lighting diagrams and even his quick tutorial on Kelvin are spot on.  I don’t know about you but I sometimes struggle with this.  Craig included photo examples at several different settings. I am a visual person and if you are as well, you will find this super helpful!

The book goes in depth into light.  He covers the use of light through ambient light, reflectors, speed lights and strobes.  He again includes visuals of his raw files with settings and my personal favorite…lighting diagrams to recreate it.

Use of location, working your location, cleaning up backgrounds…all the things that sometimes get lost in the session are covered.  Things as photographers we need to pay attention to.  Right down to OCF and how to set it up! Even the contrasts of clothing versus background.

He goes on to cover workflow and editing again complete with screenshots to help you get started correctly.

Do you ever struggle with posing?  You guessed it!  He has included examples from real shoots and takes out the guess work of what will work and what will not.  From body lean to camera angle, he holds your hand through the process.  And his new book was just released on posing (see below)!

One thing that stood out in his lighting diagrams was the time the photo was taken.  Very few people list the time of day they take their photo.  His attention to detail is impeccable.  He literally left no stone unturned for the reader.

As if your brain is not on overload at this point, Craig leaves you with some of his portfolio images.  Eye candy overload!  I have included a few of his most recent images below for you to fall in love with!

I encourage photographers to have this book in their collection.  It is the type of book you can pick up and read and reread.  Want it?  Well aren’t you lucky that Craig is giving one lucky SSG reader a digital copy!  Tell us in the comments below why we should pick you and a winner will be picked at random Monday!  Want to follow Craig?  Check out his website and facebook page and tell him Senior Style Guide Sent you.  Can’t wait and want the book Fashion Seniors now?  You can buy it here!

And his new book was just released on September 4th…Dynamic Posing Guide: Modern Techniques for Digital Photographers

Expect to see more great things with Craig and SSG!