Feedback Friday…Amanda Holloway

Amanda Holloway Photography PURPOSE Posing Guide

From time to time a product comes your way that you find very helpful…ok more than helpful, how about intuitive and something you have to ask yourself why didn’t I get this sooner?

Well that is precisely the case with the PURPOSE Senior Posing Guide.  I believe I have a fairly good grasp on posing.  I get a little better and a little more confident each session.  But does that mean I don’t struggle from time to time…?  Uhm no.  There are moments were I have a silent freak out in my head and have to snap back to reality.  Or I have the perfect location but I am just not nailing the pose because something looks off.  These are all things photographers struggle with from time to time.  I am freely waiving the flag of defeat on that one.  Been there done that.

So I got the PURPOSE posing guide.  Now let me be very clear…this is not my first posing guide.  I have bought others.  So this is clearly not my first rodeo.  Once I downloaded it, I immediately noticed something different…this guide is a three prong attack to posing anxiety and perfecting your craft.  Most guides either rely on their beautiful images to guide you or they just give a brief description of the pose.  Not this guide.  The first part is a pdf that outlines the how, what and why of the pose complete with Amanda’s signature imagery.  So you are immediately inspired.  As you read through the information you may just want to schedule a “just because” session to try out the things you have learned from the pdf. In fact, I encourage you to do this.  We did.  I had a senior model from 2012 coming home from college and I said “lets go play”  and she loved the opportunity!

Now don’t think you are finished just because you read the pdf…you have only just begun to peel away the layers to this guide.  Part two contains bulleted field cards so you actually have a breakdown of the how, why and so forth.  This second part of the guide literally holds your hand through each pose.  I have included an example below called the Stair Pretzel.  You literally could not mess this up it is so thorough! Get your best friend or spouse to help you practice positioning of the poses.  Once you feel comfortable it will be easier to master with your clients.

Amanda Holloway Photography PURPOSE Posing Guide

Part three is genius and the icing on the cake in my opinion.  You have the pdf to study, the bulleted field guide cards to practice with and lastly, Amanda has included smart phone jpegs to quickly snap you out of your panic mode and get the senior posed!  Inspiration at your fingertips while your senior is changing, etc.  There are no excuses at this point.  Everything has meticulously been thought of.  Wow I was overwhelmed in a good way after pouring through this guide.

Amanda Holloway Photography PURPOSE Posing Guide

When purchasing a product geared towards photographers it is important to ask yourself several questions…

1.  Did I learn more than one or two things from this?
2.  Will I be implementing the things learned?
3.  Will this help me grow as a photographer and help solidify my brand?
4.  Do I feel like I wasted my money?

Bottom line…this posing guide is a great guide for photographers of all levels, something I will be implementing and I believe it will fit nicely with the growth of my brand.  This is not something I would consider a waste.  Amanda has obviously poured her heart into the creation of this guide and it clearly was not thrown together.  It represents a multifaceted approach to posing the high school senior.

So go try it and see where it takes you.  And to make the purchase a little easier…Amanda is running a fabulous Black Friday special!  To get the goods click here and enter the code TURKEYCOMA for $50 off!  This special is for a limited time and not something that happens very often!