Lacey M. Carroll back at it and this time we will be discussing DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!

Accessories can make or break a look. Encouraging your clients to add details or providing them yourself if you have a ‘Client Wardrobe/Closet’ is key.

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Depending on the look you’re going for, you can go with complementary or neutral colors in your accessories like white, gold, silver or black… (show below on Tracie)

Photo Credit: Lacey M. Carroll Photography HMUA: Lorena Cuellar

Or you can choose to use your accessories as a COLOR POP!

Photo Credit: Lacey M. Carroll Photography L: HMUA: Sara Garcia Makeup Artistry R: HMUA: Lorena Cuellar

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Metals

Mixing metals used to be a big “DON’T” but it’s definitely hot right now. Mixing yellow golds and silvers and gun metals are the most common metals I’ve seen being used together.

Photo Cred: Lacey M. Carroll Photography
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When it comes to glasses… Clear glasses are in, circles are in. Funky shapes are IN! You can find cheap yet fun glasses both online AND in stores like Target and Forever 21!

Lacey M. Carroll Photography Image
Photo Cred: Lacey M. Carroll Photography L: Heather Grabin & Matthew Joseph Gall R: Lorena Cuellar
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BELTS! I’m obsessed with this waist belt comeback! Who isn’t? I also have notice patterned floral and embroidered belts making their way on the scene. What do you guys think?

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Ok, now let’s take a look at a shot from Keara Suckra who graciously allowed me to use her amazing image as an example.

She’s got it all. Statement Sunnies, fab outfit, amazing accessories and even props to pull this look together. This shot is a fashion-forward silhouette with trending colors and patterns. It’s PERFECTION!

Photo & Styling Cred: Keara Suckra
Model: WidanKori

I hope you enjoyed my latest fashion finds! Let me know what you would like to see more of!

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